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Kerry Voss

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Denver, Co 80230


Recently changing objective from web to photography as I have a great many interests and talents and currently seeking a Photography/Videography career. as a career professional in the website design/development industry and achieving management in web design/development as a Director of Operations. I would be a valuable asset to any organization in the Denver Colorado area or via remote telecommute.


Photography Equipment

I shoot Nikon Z7ii and I have plenty of lenses for it. Wide Angle, Portraiture, Prime and Zoom Lenses. I have drones and what ever I need to get the job done what ever the job.

Professional Experience

  •, videographer 2019 - Present
    As a Videographer for BallerTv it is my duty once accepting the job as site lead is to pickup equipment from FedEx and setup at the venue for multi court events such as volleyball or basketball usually 6 to 12 courts. Set up all equipment and film the events as scheduled. Then return the equipment to FedEx and mail back to BallerTv.
  • Velocity REO'S INC, Photographer 2019 - 2022
    As a Real Estate photographer my duties are when i'm given a field order locate that property and photograph it according to the order. After photographing the order I have to get online upload the Photographs and annotate any information that is required by the order. I also have to take special orders for GPS Photography Inspections and Video services.
  • ITNetwork Designs Inc, CEO 2000 - Present
    As CEO of ITNetwork Designs Inc. my job duties were vast as a very successful web design / development firm my job ranged from making new contacts to website development and design. As well as making sure the rent was paid and the proper forms were filed with the government like taxes and General Operations.
  • Somali American Community Center of Colorado, IT Tech 2005 - 2021
    I manage server and client workstations maintain network and provide information for acquisition of computers and software, installing operating systems and maintenance for a 20 computer datacenter for students. I design, operate and maintain website for SACCC on a volunteer basis, providing graphic design for brochures, flyers, business cards and professional correspondence. I supply web support for USCIS to assist in filling necessary paper work for citizenship assistance, to create supporting documentation, and temporary IDs. File for the lottery. Job search and resume creation.
    I work with the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Colorado Works Fatherhood Initiative Be There for your kid program, Online Records for MIS System to Document Participants and create records for the state. I also to provide supporting literature brochures fliers and posters to advertise for active participants in the program. Assist with the documentation and filing of community activities to the department for reimbursements. Setup computers and projectors for meetings to support the speaker via power point productions created by collaboration between an interpreter and me. I collaborate with the board and team members to create proposals for grants to provide supporting documents and financial reports that I also maintain via QuickBooks.
  • A Ride Town Car - Denver Limousine Inc, Webmaster2005 - 2021
    Webmaster, Designer, and Creator of I maintain the website and the database. I am currently working on a geo enabled shopping cart that uses Google maps API V3 it has two search methods. One uses Google AutoComplete from Google maps V3 and the other for local Search uses Yahoo API that is far superior to Google's Local Search. Yahoo requires a JSON parser and Google is using the API. This information is then sent to a PHP Registration system with a user area that contains an address book and a checkout to make reservations quick. All this data is available in the Administration backend where the dashboard shows current reservations and gives the admin all the information. I also maintain the SEO of the site making sure the entire website is coded in accordance with the W3C specifications HTML and CSS. I maintain the XML Sitemap and all SEO Links and backlinks. The site is and has been in the top 10 for keyword Denver Limo for the past 15 years. I maintain the books for A Ride Town Car via QuickBooks.
  • Accent Learning Systems, Director of Operations 2012 - 2019
    At Accent Learning System my job is to recruit new students through use of the internet. We are a medical school that teaches CNA Phlebotomy and Dialysis. I am in charge of the direction of the school and the resources that are available to the students.

Web sites Produced

    Note: Due to covid many sites went down innactive references remain for historical purposes

  • (Webmaster, SEO, Design, CSS, PHP/MySQL Programming, JavaScript, Google API, Yahoo API, JSON,XML)
  • (IT-Tech, Webmaster, SEO, Design, CSS, PHP/MySql Programming, Multilingual)
  • iCreation Studio (My own personal business)
  • Best Business Host (My Web Hosting Service)
  • ( portal for SEO HTML JavaScript)
  • (PHP)
  • (HTML)
  • (html CSS)
  • / Merchant and Engineer Quiz (PHP, MySQL <-- from MS Excel Spreadsheet)

Technical Skills

PC, MAC, Linux, UNIX
Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, Flex, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Quark, Zend Studio, Aptana, Eclipse, NetBeans, komodo, SVN, Apache, IIS, Wamp, Lamp, SVN
MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB,
ActionScript, HTML, XML, MXML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript/AJAX, JQuery, PERL, Python/Anaconda
Web Technologies and Platforms
HTML5, CSS3, SEO, CMS, Joomla, Wordpress, OSCommerce, Moodle, Drupal. Virtualization: Vbox, VMware, KVM


An experienced web design professional with exceptional skills in Web Development and Expert level Database Design and Engineering. With Strong Management and Support skills. Currently changing career to photography and Videography. In current study for part 107 FFC Drone Pilot Licence I have a business Licence and business insurance and drone insurance.