Web Development


The evolution of web development has constantly progressed in an agressive and progressive environment. Programming languages change and enhance constantly. Development is based on a fluid and everchanging platform according to our lives


The current evolution in web development is the base platform that we execute commands to a browser to enpower it with activity media and information.

CSS3 and Frameworks

The current standard in design, layout and flow of the webpages we see.

JavaScript and Frameworks

The most progressive and changing field in web development. The addition of Ajax has changed the way that all web pages are designed and developed unless the information is static. Dynamic content is now changed on the fly and only in place needed with out refreshing the whole page. This makes everything faster and more like a native desktop application


This is my prefered web language. There are many but the standard and reliable PHP (Pre Hypertext Processor) is pressive Object Oriented and Fast. Proving seemless integration between the code and the server.


Most language require additional, and sometimes memory consuming process, to execute thier operations. There are Operating System spefic languages like Microsoft and Linux.


There are many database applications. I have the ability to use all but usually stay with MySQL as the old master fasted and most common database in existance.


Structured Quary Language. This is a base for all databases from Oracle to Microsoft. There is little difference in asking a database to do a procedure such as retrieve information. Most of the difference lies in the speed and features that a database offers.


These newer database types offer no structure to the language used and the features vary. These can offer a unique process of accessing data that is both quick and scalable.


The game changer and the way I program in modern terms. I create API's that are accessed to retrieve information from databases and load that to the page exactly where it needs to go.